Jumaat, 28 September 2012

japanese roses

japanese roses, portulaca or rose moss are diffrent in name but same plant. its a tough little plant but if you neglect it, the stem will become woody and wilt.

i start growing this moss about 2 years ago as ground cover. i found it very attractive in 3 months then the flower getting smaller and gone. living in heat and drought area make the moss suffer.

about one year ago i try to breed new japanese rose that can bloom from morning till dust. since i had trouble to get rid slug, i plant it on hanging pot. growing in full sun .with more attention my moss still living in same pot. giving a lot of flower. i water it ones a day and fertilizer twice a month. i find watering is important to have longer living moss. japanese rose use water and plant food to get energy to produce flower and busheir stem.

i think to change its name to cat flower because its loyal he he he....

5 ulasan:

  1. One thing je nak kena rajin bila grow bunga ni. Nak kena selalu pruning or deadhead spent bloom supaya tak cepat habis riwayat. Needs a lot of sun but water care minimal.

  2. Yez .I agree. Mine have long live

  3. lintah bulan memang suka sgt pokok nih..

  4. can this flowering plant cross breed and make different color?

    1. i beleve so that why they always more new color. but i breed my JR using stem not seeds