Ahad, 9 September 2012

in loving memory

i found her dead in a canal.
she probably died two days ago. bitten by snake.

our introduction begin when i found her outside my door. somebody dump kitten on my property. but its ok. i like cat as companion. since that she be my loyal friend. follow me everyway i in. i live miles outside of town, so she can run free here and there like a bird.

i feed her 3 times a day and check her out every day to make sure shes healty. when i hanging out in my garden she always come to me and sat beside me.
i loved all the time i had with her. i do feel guilty for her death. i could lock her in cage. it might save her. i ignore her one day and she die.

i think she came to my life to be love by me. and i did it to fulllest of my heart.

8 september 2012

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