Khamis, 6 September 2012

how to grow petunia in malaysia

my neighbour kept asking me how do i keep my petunia grow on low land. i telling them to give your best and the plant will return more.
i sow petunia seeds on january and now in september the plant show me its time to say goodbye. petunia is like a living thing. it would show their feeling and needs by sign. its what i call a diva plant. the leaves turn yellow as a sign they demand more foods. i sometimes feed them every week with liquid fertilizer.

they need full sun or they do not flower. keep it away from heavy rain. do not sprinkle the steam with any liquid or the steam will grow fungus and rotten.

after five to six months the flower getti g smaller. steam begging thinin. this is the best time to get seeds from their flower pot.

sprinkel the tiny seeds on mix soil. then spinkel water to seeds and soil to kept it moist. put it in full morning sun and away from heavy rain. in one week the seeds
will show sign of living. after a month the baby petunia is ready to be pot in single space. beware of snails if you grow petunia on ground. petunia is a. good snack for snails.

other are aphids. you can stop them from begging before they spreding. i use chili with garlic jus and just wipe it with cotton ball on infected steam . water once a day are enough for petunia.

petunia are expensive plant on market. the price about fifteen ringgit malaysia and can get higher. i telling my neighbour, i dont buy it. I GROW IT !

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  1. Tak sangka pula harga pokok petunia mahal sungguh kat Malaysia.Yeah growing plants from seeds is one of the cheapest way and you get many plants too.

  2. lynn beli di nursery Sg Buloh, regular customer bodek2 sikit dptla RM5 sepokok, balik terus gantung (brapa lama tahan tuh..)

  3. Biasa 5 bulan je. Rm 5 sgt murah lo.