Isnin, 27 Ogos 2012

red amaranthus

Last year i try to grow amaranthus seeds in container.
but its not sucess. the plant growing small ,thin and die. after that wild amarantus spreeding in my garden with big horn. i dont know where its. came from. maybe it spreed from wind or bird from field nearby.

i dig them all and make a compost. seems like wild amaranthus are good growing on ground. this give me idea to grow vegetable amaranthus.

after prepred the soil with some manure, i sow direct amaranthus seeds in hot day. giving plenty of water
twice a day.

looks like im lucky, this time my amaranthus grow fast
and fluffy.

Selasa, 7 Ogos 2012

sparkling white salvia

isnt it lovely to see sparkling white flower in your garden. salvia white has long lasting flower, fragrant. it tolerant with heat. i find salvia dont like heavy rain. it can cause fungus leaves. the leaf turn black and mealting. i just grow salvia white under balcony . they can have plenty morning sun but no rain at all. salvia is parennial flower. they can get larger so i have to cut it . new stem will grow beautiful soft white flower that bees adore.
i grow salvia from seeds. you can find new plant under salvia tree. its easy spreading plant . if you got one you will have many.

Ahad, 5 Ogos 2012

garden of veggy

i never thought that i will have my own veggy garden one day. thats happen when i search about plant, i found blog that selling seeds . i never knew seeds also sale in web. after read about few comments in blog tanamsendiri, i decide to give a try to buy some seeds.
since i never grow any veggy before i do some research so i not killing any seeds. now i can say i am satisfied customer. my veggy grow well. i already eat some and its so fresh. i even have dill in my garden. some veggy start flowering. eggplant, tomato and corn start grow fruits. i am happy