Isnin, 3 September 2012

waking up seeds

i not in love with all vegetable i plant. some i neglect like this white raddish. the bulb already come out like elephant trunk. maybe he want to show how juicy he was. ya! i try cook some but i dont like it. it tasteless!
next time i will only grow vegges that i like to eat.

meanwhile i have received some seeds and bulb from diana. its from the famous kebun bahagia bersama blog.
firstly i get excited. then, a little bit worry if the seeds cant grow here in malaysia. but it also give me courage to see it can be done.
so i google every info i can get from others garden blog. and ya its all from 4season country blog. they telling about frost, autum and other things not relate .

so i guess ,i just sow a few and see what happen. hey! are seeds sleeping during winter? let wake em up! so what i do is i put mix soil in strofoam cup. then i pour hot water inside it. this method can kill any dangerous inscet or snail egg in soil.
after that i put seeds on top warm soil. hot water mist came out from soil like valcano. it like little sauna. this sauna can wake em up. lasty i sprnkle water over the seeds.

i sow cherry radish, kohirabi, florence fennel, rainbow chard, astral and carnation. after 3 days the seeds already germinate. wallah!

owh! i start sow cornflower in dark room yesterday. its sprout today. Yeah!

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